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Fashion designers rule the runway, but in the real world we are ruled by the entertainment industry. What they are wearing, we want. If you look hard enough you can usually figure out who the designer is or wear to purchase the much coveted item of clothing you have been drooling over, but alas being extra curvy means when you do find it, it's probably not going to fit. The solution emulate the style, not necessarily specific clothing items. So I have found some examples of how you too can dress like some of your favourite TV characters. Any suggestion of other character's style your dying to wear post below.


Blue Floral ASOS Dress, White Floral ASOS Dress, Turquoise Garden Floral TORRID Dress, Navy Short Sleeve YOURS CLOTHING CardiganRaspberry Short Sleeve YOURS CLOTHING Cardigan, Red Rouched CITY CHIC Cardigan.


Black Peplum CITY CHIC dress, Black Lace ASOS Dress, Red Skinny Leg EZIBUY JeanGrey Straight Leg EVANS Jean, Faux Leather FOREVER 21 JacketAnimal Ruffle Baby Doll TORRID Top, Floral FOREVER 21 Shirt, Striped TORRID Tank.





MODCLOTH  In the Key of Chic Dress, ASOS Yellow Swing Button Coat, ASOS Military Style Jacket, ESHAKTI Achor Print Tab Dress, ELLOS Argyle Sweater,ESHAKTI Bunny Hop Crepe Dress, ESHAKTI Shawl Collar Dress, ASOS Black Skater Skirt.ASOS Pattern Blouse 

Black or White? Why don't you rock them both!


Who doesn't love black, stylish and chic and it's never off trend. Matches almost any colour and it can be slimming, hiding bumps we don’t always want everyone to see. Now white and black are polar opposite. On the spectrum of colour white reflects light and is the presence of all colours. While black absorbs light and is the absence of colour. When I think of white, it’s fresh, crisp, and clean. Unfortunately, not the best for hiding those bumps and be careful of your underwear, unless you want to be really seen.

How about combining the best of both worlds, stylish black with crisp white. A striking combination. Black and white is perfect for anything you’re doing or anywhere you’re going. Check out some of my favourite combinations available in Jan 2013. (Click the photos for links)



Elomi Lingerie - Tamarie Bra. There are many bras out there, but to get a supportive and beautiful one that can be a tall ask. Elomi offers both.

City Chic Spotty Dotty Dress

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Soft Peplum Top In Baroque Print


ASOS CURVE Exclusive Tea Dress In Spot

City Chic Super Stripe Legging


City Chic Corsage Collie Dress


Dream Diva Stripe Top


Evans Spot Cardigan
Torrid White Skull Print Open-Knit Striped Sweater

Torrid White And Black Striped Knot Front Dolman Top

Vintage Plus Size Ads

I had to share, a few made me giggle, some just made me cringe.




ASOS New Summer Collection

ASOS has launched an exclusive summer collection for Australia. YAY! We get the first look at their summer collection, having opposite seasons to the UK we just got what was left of their past seasons collection, but plus size we also got it at half the price. So yeah, we get an exclusive summer collection just for us, but at full price. Gee I don't think we'll be used to this. I wonder how the sales will go.

In ASOS' words;

"It’s hot, it’s new and it’s in Australia first! From party to festival and surf to bar, own the season’s hottest trends with exclusive collections created by the ASOS design team and fast-tracked for the Aussie summer.

The Dolly Skater Dresses are gorgeous and they come in a range of designs. The Navy Skater with bow sides is my favourite, but alas it only comes in the standard size up to a 16.



Actually most of the ASOS exclusive collection is only available in the standard sizing. Hmmm.... I wonder if ASOS realise a big portion of their Australian customers are plus size, as in size 18-26, and the reason we buy from them is because we are dissatisfied with the Australian plus size market. Hopefully they realise their error in time for summer and more of the collection starts popping in the plus size section. (A few dresses have materialised but not many, and hey all seem to have a very high wasit and very short compared to the exact same dresses in the standard sizes, oh dear ASOS)


Work Wear Are You?



It's hard enough finding stylish plus size clothes, but professional work wear, forget about it! (Unless of course you just want a suit from MYER)

Work wear doesn't just have to be a black pant suit, shirt and jacket. There are many options availble and I personally love them over the old pant suit, but each to there own. For those who would like some variety check out some of my favourite picks from local and international clothing companies.

Let's start with NNT Uniforms

Located in various location across Australia, this is a bricks and mortar store, where you are able to try on and order in sizes up to an AU24. Last time I was there (which was a while ago) they had a sale section as well.


I had to share the trouser pant range as well, i absolutely love the high wasited pant shown becuase of the wide bottom.

City Chic is another local Australia bricks and mortor store. I thought I'd get the local options out of the way first. I personally would rather a place I can actually try the clothes on, as I'm sure many others do as well, So let's move on to City Chic; who have recently extended their range to include suit pants, pencil skirts and jackets.

City Chic is located across Australia, as well as online.

For those who don't know City Chic have introduced a range called TDF (To Die For) Jeans, which are jeans which are made for various body shapes. I do not like these jeans, I found them ill fitting for my body shape as many others have also said, but I guess they must be okay for some because they have decided to extend their range of TDF's into work pants.

They also have a range of jackets in various colours.



Blouses and Cardigans


And Skirts....


What else, you ask?

What about Dream Diva, which is located in Richmond, Victoria have sizes up to an AU24. They also has a cute range of jackets and skirts, but what I really like is the pinafore style dress.


Nina Kay is also an Australian based brand and has a wide range of work wear online, but they only go up to an AU20.


Now the internationals.

ASOS is UK brand carrying sizes up to a UK26.

They have a wide range of clothes and free shipping to Australia, but do not offer free returns, so chooses carefully. This is just a sample of the cute blouses and skirts they have on offer. 



Next Direct is another UK online store offering a range of smart professional clothing up to a UK24.

After finding all these fantastic work clothes, I sort of wish I needed some stylish professional clothes. Hmmm.. I might have to change professions for that to happen though.

I hope you found something on here that spikes your interest, and adds some chic to your work wardrobe.


The Ruby Dress






















Print This!


Colour blocking seems to be the in the thing at the moment, but I just can't go past a good print dress.

My all time favourite dress that I own in the City Chic Miss Birdie dress, which has just been re-released, as if me and my sister don't have enough clothes that are the same, she decided it looked so fabulous on me she just had to have it too. Can't fault her, it’s true. Ha ha! This particular dress has tiny birds in flight in red and shades of pink scattered over a black background. I love that it has a fitted waist, with a ruffle skirt and sleeves. Hallelujah! I prefer to wear it without the belt though.




With so many stores available online I scoured the internet to find some other fabulous prints to share.

So first up on the internet search we have New Look's Koko Heart Dress, my favourite part of this dress is the  contrasting colour in the dress (blue) and trim and hearts (peach). The hearts are placed over the dress in a haphazard circular pattern in the peach. It is a sleeveless dress, with an elasticized waist and faux pockets. This dress is listed at 32 pounds, which at time of blogging is AU$48.51, with sizes 18, 20 and 24 still available.




Secondly we have Evans Lace Print Prom Dress. My favourite part is the silhouette of the dress. It has a scoop neck, with a band and tie back at waist. This dress, I think has got a vintage feel with the lace print all over the dress. This dress is on sale at 25 pounds, which at time of blogging is AU$37.90, with only sizes 14 and 16 still available. Sorry guys, but I still had to share it.

Third up, is the Butterfly Print dress with collar from Yours Clothing. My favourite part of this dress is the gorgeous butterfly print in beige and purple, it reminds me of spring in the garden. This dress has a white contrasting round collar with fitted waste and tie backs. It apparently sits at the knee, but there is no photo on the model to confirm this, I think it looks quite short like a lot of the Yours clothing dresses. This dress is listed at 35 pounds, which at time of blogging is AU$52.50, with sizes 16-26 still available. This dress also comes in beige and pink and options without the collar, in more of a boat neck with ruffles at the sleeve.



Fourth, we have Yours Clothing again in their Limited Collection, the Black Swan Print dress. My favourite part is the layered the hem of the dress. This dress has a slightly rouched round collar, with a ribbon tie at the waist. The print is tiny white swan over a black background. As mentioned before Yours dresses are generally short and sit above the knee it measures 102 cm from shoulder to hem, but I guess all depends on your height. This dress is listed at 35 pounds, which at time of blogging is AU$52.50, with sizes 16-22 and 26 still available, but all with low stock. This dress also comes in navy.


Last up we have a dress from eShakti, I usually prefer not to blog about clothing from stores that don't offer international shipping but I couldn't go past an eShakti dress. I am absolutely in love with their collection; I probably could have listed at least a dozen dresses, but decided to limit myself since they don't ship to Australia. Although they do want me to further investigate shipping companies. Ok, so this is the Golden Globes Dress. My favourite part is the actual dress design. I love the rouched sleeves, the fitted waist and pleated skirt. The dots on the dress are in gold and cream, although on the website they look more like mushroom and grey. But never be deceived by the colour on your monitor; from personal experience what a dress photographs and displays at is rarely the colour it actually is, especially after they retouch in Photoshop. This dress is listed at US$69.95, which at time of blogging is AU$68.45, with sizes 0-26 still available. eShakti dresses you can customise, this particular dress you are able to change the dress length and sleeve type.



Till next time,

The Ruby Dress





Gumboot Season

I have been so busy with work I've barely had time to notice the weather change. Finally things have calmed down, I've come to realise it's getting colder and rain is beginning to become an everyday occurence. It might be time to get those rain clothes out. Do you remember the gumboots you used to wear as a chid, the ugly ones your dad had or the really cute ones, little kids are getting round in these day? Do you ever think I want some of those? I do.

Last year I tried on my sisters very cute gumboots only to be dissappointed, as they bunched around my ankle and I couldn't get them up on my calf. I then tried on some pairs in the stores. To no avail, same problem. Why is it when you look at them on the rack, you think, they'll fit, they're huge (I do this with clothes as well) and oops no, so not fitting.

All last year I was jealous of all the gumboots I kept seeing on skinny girls and I kept thinking, do I need some gumboots? Probably not, but I still want them. So, for those of you who have a yearning for some gumboots. Well, I say bring on the rain, becuase I've got some fancy footwear!!


Gumboots for the Wider Calf

1. Orange Monet                                2. Starry Eyed                    3. Wedge Welly                    4. Navy Spot


These boots are from the following websites;

Evans, Welly Warehouse,, NewLook

They have an amazing selection and hardly any "Dad" gumboots in sight.


Style Alert!

Ok, firstly this post took forever to put together, so I hope it was worth it and you enjoy perusing. Secondly, I seriously love browsing through clothes.

Alright, let's get to the point.

There are so many different fashion styles out there, and you may be wondering which one are you, or even which one do you aspire to be, or maybe you're just you and you're like me and appreciate pieces from all different styles. Well, I decided to  choose a few different fashion style types and did a bit (sorry a lot) of research on where to find them for the plus size girl.


Before we start you need to decide "What style I am?"  Or if you prefer, "what style do you love and wish you could achieve?" 

Complete the mini quiz to find out, then start shopping!


The Quiz

For each set up pictures decide, 'which style do most represent' or you might like to instead 'which style do I love'. Then add up the number of a, b, c, d and e's you get to find your Fashion Style.









What style are you?

Mostly A - Preppy    

Mostly B - Retro    

Mostly C - Boho   

Mostly D - Chic    

Mostly E - Casual    

Mostly F - Flirty and Feminine

Preppy Style

1. Macys - Jones New York Pleated Skirt 2. City Chic - Peter Pan Collar Dress 3. Old Navy - Cardigan 4. JC Penney - St Johns Bay Argyle Cardigan 5. City Chic - Preppy Stripe Jacket 6. Macys - AGG Pleated Skirt 7. Old Navy - Tie Back Top 8. Torrid - Grey Dress-Dye Tie Jacket 9. City Chic - School Girl Skirt 10. Torrid - Plaid Coat


Retro Style

1. City Chic - Lace Military Dress  2. Evans - Spot Print Dress 3. ModCloth - Shore to Love Dress 4. ModCloth - Give Us A Spin Skirt 5. Torrid - Black V Dress 6. Torrid - Red Black Heart Cardigan 7. Torrid - Cherry Dress 8. Evans - Pansy 'Peggy' Dress 9. Hell Bunny - Swing Dress 10. ModCloth - Soda Fountain Dress 11. Torrid - Wiggle Dress 12. Mod Cloth - Styled, Mot Stirred Dress 13. Torrid - Black Bow Cardigan


Boho Style

1.Dorothy Perkins - Dainty Dolly Dress  2. Torrid - Fringe Crochet Vest   3. Forever 21+ - Fringed Boho Cami  4. Forever 21+ - Triange Print Top  5. Forever 21+ - Scalloped Crochet Lace Top  6. Torrid - White Crochet Fringe Poncho  7. ASOS - Waistcoat in Crochet 8. ASOS - Skinny Jeans with Hearts 9. Forever 21+ - Crochet Trim Peasant  10. INC - Fauz Suede Laser Detail Jacket 11. City Chic - Cord Jacket  12. Sara - Flat Suede Boot

Chic Style


1. City Chic - Red Roar Skirt & Lacy Pussy Bow Top  2. Igigi - Renata Dress 3. Igigi - Francesca Dress 4.Macys - AGB Belted Sheath 5. Macys - Trixxi Dress 6. Yours Clothing - 2 in 1 Dress 7. ASOS - Peplum Jacket 8. ASOS - Midi Skirt 9. City Chic - Violet Trench 10. ASOS - Tulip Dress 11. City Chic - Military Shirt Dress 12. City Chic - Glamour Puss Dress


Casual Style

1. Old Navy - Linen Trousers 2. Old Navy - Chambray Skirt 3. Forever 21+ - Linen Blend Dress 4. Torrid -  Crafty Couture Freedom Tee 5. Alloy - Cascade Cardigan 6. City Chic - Rouched Front Top 7. Virtu - Camp Baker Jacket 8. City Chic - Wide Leg Jean 9. ASOS - Chino 10. Autograph - Secret Jean Straight Leg 11. Ezibuy - Sara Boyfriend Cardigan 12. Torrid - Purple Ribbed Sweater 13. ASOS - Scoop Singlet

Flirty and Feminine Style

1. City Chic - Love Birds Dress 2. Torrid - Ruched Sleeve Denim Jacket 3. Forever 21+ - Hearts Tank 4. Forever 21+ - Ruffled Sequined Branch Top  5. Dorothy Perkins - Blue Damask Prom Dress 6. Dorothy Perkins - Fit and Flare Dress 7. Forever 21+ - Sailboat Geo Dress 8. ASOS - Dress in Stripe 9. ASOS - Floral Summer Dress 10. Torrid - Butterfly Cardigan 11. Torrid - Embroided Mini Skirt 12. City Chic - Satin Hoodie 13. City Chic - Skater Dress 14. City Chic - Lace Back Tunic 15. City Chic - Frill Blondie Jacket

The Skater Dress


The skater dress, love this recycled trend. You might be wondering what the skater dress is. With the fitted top and cinched waist, with a shorter flirty skirt, it has many of the same features as a figure skating dress. This dress is perfect for the hourglass or bottom heavy plus size, although its shape would be flattering on most women as it gives the illusion of an hour glass figure, because of the cinched waist and fullish shirt. Lucky for us plus size girls, many of the leading plus size brands are now carrying this style dress.

City Chic has been pushing the skater dress for about a month or so now, and they must have decided they worked because they have just released a new range, full of various colour block styles. I already had the Miss Pink Skater dress, but succumbed on Thursday and also purchased the teal. I love their skater dresses, because they are just the right length, and with an everyday appropriate neckline with feeling strangles (I hate high necks, it just makes my boobs like two big basketballs). The website now has their full range, with full colour and sliced dresses on offer. They are also combining their dresses with leggings, tights, jackets, cardigans and long sleeve tops. Making the skater dress a viable option for winter. Yay!




Asos also has a range of skater dresses on their website, love some of the prints, but alas hate the necklines, all high necks or boats, which I personally can't wear. But they all look very cute on the models.


New Look 's range of skater dresses, include a long, short and no sleeve options. Love the Koko Blue long sleeve dress. It has cute buttons on the waist, where the skirt pleats. But not a big fan of the sleeveless Koko colour block dress. It's not just the overly high neck, but the colour. Not a huge fan of skin toned clothes, but this is just doesn't look right, to me anyway.


Evans has a super cute red lace skater dress as well as plain pink and black dresses. I absolutely love that the sleeve length is a 3/4, perfect for the colder weather, without having to add layers of clothing. The red dress, is lovely with the lace feature, just wish the skirt was a bit fuller.

Hmmm... I wonder how many skater dresses a girl can have. How many is too many?


Off to ponder,

The Ruby Dress






Splash into some colour

Think Pink

From Top left to right (City Chic - Kiss Me Skater DressASOS - Collar Dress , Torrid - Hot Pink Skinny Jean, Newlook - Colour Block Skater Dress  )


From bottom left to right (City Chic - Bianca Pussy Bow, ASOS - Cardigan with diamond stitch, City Chic - Gathered Fron Cami, City Chic - Mod Skirt)

The Cardigan Revolution

I am going from swimsuits to cardigans, not exactly related but though I'd share my new obsession.

So have been on the lookout for some really cute and practical cardigans. So, basically that means some basics and some fashion cardis. You would think something like a cardigan would be easy to find, they are basically the staple to any wardrobe. They work with pants, love them with jeans and skirts and a must have for dresses. So why are plain black cardigans so hard to find. And no I don’t want a black cardigan that finishes just under my boobs, and no I don't want a black cardigan that comes to my knees I want a fitted one that sits on my hips.


I didn't think I was asking too much, but obviously I was. Whenever I got out shopping I am always on the lookout for this basic piece, and last Saturday hallelujah, I found one. Only one though, tried to get two but only had one in my size. Oh well, ones better than none. My last one was starting to look on the ratty side. So where did I find this gem. Well, it was Big W. I found my perfect hip length, black v neck cardi, which I had been searching for. Sigh of relief, with Winter coming.


So with the black cardigan sorted, it time to get some fashion one. So, thought I'd share a few of my favourite finds.

1. Macys  - Double breasted Sweater

2. Torrid - Retro Chic Cardigan - red hearts

3, Torrid - Retro Chic Cardigan - black and purple polka dot

4. Lane Bryant - Polka Dot Cardigan

5. Forever 21 - Colourful striped Cardigan



I think there's seems to be a pattern emerging, The Torrid heart Cardigan is my favourite, and is about to be added to my collection

Hmmm... I think I need to go buy some cardgians, Gotta go spend some $$$$.


Catch ya later,


The Ruby Dress


These are the new range of Torrid swimsuits. I know Summers almost over, but I don;t care, I have been drooling over these for so long. I want one and I need new bathers really badly but keep thinking do I really need them, postage is so much and Summer's almost over. Some other peice of clothing catches my eye or my will power holds out, either way still no bathers.

I really like the third and fourth option pictured, but these are one peices that really cant be paired with a short or swim skirt, and I need some leg coverage or I will feel to exposed. Really loving the swim skirts though, very cute.

Elomi, my favourite lingerie brand has recently launched a swim wear range, I think these will offer a lot of support for the larger busted woman. Their swim bras are made to fit up to 26HH, which is a nice change of pace. Many other swim bras only go up to a 20. Only problem these are separates, so you will need to purchase the swim bra, tankini and brief or brief skirt, so to get a whole swim outfit it would be pricey experience, especially if you live in Australia. But they look very flattering, particularly the tankini and swim skirt. So far the swim range only comes in a few colours, but hopefully they will expand their range in the future.

Panache another brand that caters for the larger busted woman, but alas they only go up to a 38G, which is a size 16. So Panache is probably not the right choice for those of us who are yes large busted and yes quite curvy all over. Here's to wishful thinking that Panache extend their gorgeous range like Elomi has to a size 26.
These are not the only plus size swimwear available on the net but some of my favourites. Remember some of the larger Plus size bra shops, including Figleaves (one of my favourites), Brava Lingerie and The Bra Shop to name a few, also have plus size swim wear in their online shopping sites.
The Ruby Dress xxx


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